What the Formel ADAC drivers ad to say after sunday at Lausitzring  Photo: ADAC Formel Masters
What the Formel ADAC drivers ad to say after sunday at Lausitzring Photo: ADAC Formel Masters

Comments on Sunday

You don't forget your first win in a hurry

This is what the aspiring juniors of the ADAC High-Speed Academy had to say for themselves after Races 2 and 3 at the Lausitzring.

Fabian Schiller (16, Germany, Schiller Motorsport):
"My first podium in the Formel ADAC and I'm on the top rung - it's just fantastic. I took the lead at the start and kept it to the finish line. I could see Stefan behind me all the time in the mirror and had to push hard to stay on top. Although I was always on the limit, I was able to control the race well. I was overjoyed when I crossed the finish line and celebrated my first victory. I want to thank my team, because the car was really good today."

Stefan Riener (18, Austria, Neuhauser Racing):
"I'm very happy with my first podium in the Formel ADAC. Unfortunately, I couldn't defend my pole position at the start, which was the key moment of my race. Throughout the whole of the race, I posted similar times to Fabian Schiller, but overtaking is quite difficult at the Lausitzring. I kept trying to duck out of his slipstream in order to increase downforce. Whilst in the end, it was not enough for victory, this result is still wonderful."

Ralph Boschung (15, Switzerland, KUG Motorsport):
"I got away to a good start and was soon in the top three. I tried many times to attack Stefan Riener but could not overtake him. I decided to nurse the tyres and finish the race in one piece. A few laps from the end, though, I saw Alessio Picariello looming larger in the rear-view mirror, so I upped the pressure. Unfortunately, he made contact with me on the last turn of the race. I thought my race was over, so I'm now even happier to be on the podium."

Maximilian Günther (16, Rettenberg, ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.):
"Unfortunately, I didn't finish the third race as far forward as I would have wished. I was stuck in traffic at the beginning, so I lost time on the leading group. Overall, though, I can look back on a very satisfying weekend with two wins; and I certainly won't be forgetting my first ever Formel ADAC win in a hurry. I've managed to improve my performance steadily and scored some vital points for the championship."

Jason Kremer (18, Bonn, Schiller Motorsport):
"In the second race, I had a few problems with my gearbox. As early as the formation lap, I was unable to change up or down properly, so we decided to park the car as a precaution. This meant that I started the third race from 20th on the grid. We had made some changes to the setup, and I was determined to go on the attack. I overtook the cars ahead of me cleanly and was even closing in on the front-runners towards the end. I was very pleased with the way I managed to charge up the field, especially since it cut the gap in championship points between me and Nicolas Beer."

Indy Dontje (20, NED , Lotus):
"The weekend at the Lausitzring definitely did not go according to plan. I was hoping for a Top-Five result, but we struggled all weekend with the car. So far, we haven't been able to find the reasons why. In the second race, I had an additional problem with the clutch, but we did at least fix that. I am very disappointed , because apart from the first race of the season, I've never finished outside the Top Ten. We now have to work hard in the run-up to the race weekend at the Slovakia Ring to rediscover our earlier form."

Kim Luis Schramm (16, Gräfinau-Angstedt, ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.):
"I'm relatively happy with my weekend at the Lausitzring . In the second race, I had a great start and carried off some good overtaking manoeuvres. Unfortunately, I kept losing time in the third sector, which dropped me back down again. And it was the same story in the third race as well."

Hendrik Grapp (19, Berlin, ADAC Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.):
"Unfortunately the Lausitzring weekend did not go according to plan. I would've liked to win in front of my home crowd . On Saturday, I was still very optimistic, because our speed was good. But unfortunately, we weren't able to carry that over into Sunday. In the second race, there was also an incident that caused a problem with the car. That disrupted my rhythm. Even so, I did my best to enjoy the great atmosphere coming from the packed grandstands."

Marcel Lenerz (16, Ludwigsau, JBR Motorsport & Engineering):
"The start of the final race of the weekend went very well. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to maintain the same level. The car was no longer in optimum condition after a collision in practice. We will be analysing all the data during next week . Overall, I take a positive view of my first weekend in the Formel ADAC series. I managed to finish all three races and my performance was consistent throughout. Even though I could perhaps be a little faster, I'm still satisfied."

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