Luis-Enrique Breuer secured a total of 33 points Photo: Formel ADAC
Luis-Enrique Breuer secured a total of 33 points Photo: Formel ADAC

Luis-Enrique Breuer's season

Learned a lot from working as a team

Luis Enrique-Breuer's participation in Formel ADAC began with the Lausitzring weekend. The Lotus driver secured a total of 33 points.

What was your personal highlight of 2014?
The biggest highlight for me was being able to line up in Formel ADAC. My most successful weekend as far as racing goes was at the Lausitzring. It was nice to finish my debut weekend in second place, but it only really hit me how well I'd actually done in that fixture on the drive home.

What targets did you set yourself at the start of the season, and in retrospect, would you say that you met them?
Gaining expertise and preparing for the coming year were paramount in my first season in single seater motor racing. Of course, I'd planned to achieve one or two good results. Unfortunately, results did not always live up to my expectations, but I'm very optimistic about the coming season.

What are the main things you've learned about driving from your time in Formula ADAC, and where can we expect to see you next year?
I made what was probably the most progress in learning to work as a team. I was a bit reticent to start with when talking with my engineers, but I had an internship during the summer break with my team, Team Lotus, and got to know the car much better as a result. I then began to contribute ideas and suggestions about setup and made my wishes known. Moreover, I was more relaxed before qualifying thanks to becoming more experienced and found that I'd also made distinct progress in tussles in the race. Gaining racing experience is very important, and it really suited me that Formel ADAC staged three races in one weekend. I would like to line up in ADAC Formula 4 next year and use the experience I've gained to fight for the championship.

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